Hey, I’m Jacalyn.

Creative Director and intuitive content marketer with a knack for curating brand-centric, customer-focused content.


Who the heck am I, and what do I do?

As a Creative Director, I can typically be found establishing the visual identity + setting creative standards for brands while leading creative output across a range of niches and industries. I’m often responsible for curating unique brand + marketing strategies and targeted collateral for clients and startups. #StartupLife

I work to unearth insights about audiences using intuitive approaches to help brands better understand their customers while discovering the motivation behind an audience’s actions. My goal? Create + nurture creative solutions to common marketing woes.

The result? Creating unique strategies and content that’s more than just original - it’s productive, goal-driven, and meant for your audience.

Cool, but what’s my history?

Driven by a passion for unique marketing solutions, I believe in not only achieving results but nurturing them. Leaving the "one marketing strategy fits all" approach behind, my experience as a seasoned digital content marketer, Creative Director and content producer allow me to develop original yet provocative approaches to solving the modern brand's content woes. When I’m not busy helping transform brands from bland to brilliant, you can find me hiking, collecting succulents, drinking a craft beer (or two), and travelling wherever there's a trail and a mountain.

Some work things…

Creative Lead
Kudos Inc.
Calgary, AB

Creative Director
Sugarpop Marketing
Nashville, TN

Content Manager

Creative Director
Bellwether X
Hamilton, ON

Content Marketer
Dollar Tea Club
Toronto, ON



Sometimes I write stuff and it gets featured


Sometimes brands like working with me on content

You can find some of my work in the following places…

Selva Beat (Online & Print)
Rucksack Magazine (Print)
Thoughtfully Magazine (Print)
The Outbound Collective (Online)
Chickpea Magazine (Print)
Earth Island Journal (Online)
Mazing Magazine (Online & Print)
Darling Magazine (Online)

Here are some cool brands I’ve worked with…

Green Relief Inc.
Loyal Canine Co.
Willow Decor Co.
Vitae London
Have Fun Do Good
Izaskun Zibala
She Says No
Print Theorem London
Aporo New Zealand
The Wed Life

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