Dreaming in Evergreen with a New Canadian Beauty Brand

Over the past five years or so, I've spent a good portion of my time researching beauty brands and products, both for my own personal use as well as for print and digital publications I've worked with. One of the reasons for my love of seeking out new brands and discovering the latest trends in green beauty is the benefit that comes with using natural skincare and products that nourish rather than harm our bodies. When it comes to our beauty routines, we may be drawn to the latest beauty brands or fads in skincare, but we should be focusing more of our attention on the ingredients in our products, how our beauty items are made, and whether the products do more harm than good to both our bodies, as well as the environment. 

Every so often, a brand I come across just so happens to be a Canadian one. It's not every day I discover a Canadian-based brand making natural, effective, good-for-you skincare; I like to think of these brands as unicorns. I'm not saying there are no Canadian skincare brands out there, but few are making the kind of skincare I consider truly "green." You know, the stuff made with good ingredients, free from artificial additives, no weird preservatives, free of palm derivatives...you get the picture. So, when do I stumble across one that meets my slightly-strict standards (high maintenance? Who, me?), I jump at the chance to try their products. 

Enter, I Dream In Evergreen

This BC-based brand (Quesnel, to be exact) handcrafts seriously effective, yet totally natural, green beauty that is as beautifully packaged as it is great for your skin. I first came across I Dream In Evergreen while trolling Etsy for a new facial moisturizer (let's not even begin talking about my obsession with that digital marketplace); I read the ingredient list on their Crescent Moon face cream and knew I had to give it a try. Needless to say, it's been a lifesaver for my combination skin, and the other products I have tried are just as amazing. 

Aside from being a vegan and cruelty-free brand, I Dream In Evergreen uses natural botanical extracts and ingredients in their products, and perfumes each product with natural oils and scents. If you've ever experienced an irritation from a product with artificial fragrances or perfumes used to scent the product, you know how important it can be for the health of our skin to avoid artificial fragrances. From body oils and facial creams to bath soaks and scrubs, this brand has a product for every skincare need, and they are incredibly effective. 

I tried a slew of products from this brand, and couldn't wait to smell each one and have a pampering day where I basically reveled in my package filled with natural goods. The brand's Founder and creator, Kimberly Shaw, crafts each product to be nourishing and beneficial for our bodies. The small-batch, artisan approach to each item shows through the considerate ingredient lists of each product and is evident in the effectiveness of their skincare. This brand is truly a unicorn, and I'm addicted to its beautiful array of beauty products that actually work

If the natural, skin-benefitting ingredients don't already impress you, you'll be surprised to learn how cost-effective the brand is. I'm embarrassed to admit that I used to spend hundreds of dollars every month on "green" beauty products (like LUSH) that I really believed were helping my skin, but which were actually just hampering it. I learned a valuable lesson regarding skincare: pricey products do not equal quality ones. With I Dream In Evergreen, each product is made with stellar ingredients that will benefit your body but won't break the bank, and there's something about the approachable feel and nature of this brand that makes it the perfect addition to your beauty routine.

Below is a description of the products I've tried.

Organic Vanilla Bean + Coconut Milk Bath Soak

You will have to stop yourself from eating this deliciously scented bath soak that is made from three ingredients - yes, only three! - and leaves your skin feeling ridiculously soft. Using this soak was like bathing in a vanilla-scented pool, and was so relaxing, I almost fell asleep! The soak's limited ingredient list is a bonus, but you'll definitely love the scent of this one. Delicious and sweet, it's the perfect alternative to heavily-perfumed bath bombs or preservative-laden bath powders. 

Organic Mint Vanilla Body Scrub

Made with hydrating coconut oil and shea butter, this body scrub has converted me to a body scrub believer. See, I have only ever used coffee-based body and facial scrubs, as I've found other scrubs can leave my skin feeling greasy or dirty. I stuck with the coffee scrubs and never looked at others, but the Organic Mint Vanilla Body Scrub from I Dream In Evergreen has made me a believer in non-coffee-based scrubs! It smells heavenly and contains a slew of skin-benefitting oils (such as apricot, rice bran, and Vitamin E oil) that leave your skin feeling ridiculously soft and hydrated. A little of the scrub goes a long way in sloughing away dead skin and leaving your body feeling supple. 

Organic Vanilla Pine Body Oil

If you've ever used a body oil, then you have probably experienced your fair share of frustration with greasy oils, weird films sitting on top of your skin, or ineffective moisturization. This body oil is totally different, and I'm going to argue that it's the best body oil I've ever tried. From the moment you massage it into your skin and feel it absorb quickly for serious hydration, to the beautiful scent that accompanies you all day long, you'll fall for this oil. I can only describe its smell as a lush pine forest filled with fields of vanilla. Who doesn't want to smell like that? It's unreal! But more than that, it's actually effective in hydrating your skin. 

Organic Sweet Orange + Pine Body Cream

Anyone who knows me can tell you that I loathe body lotions and creams; the feel of greasy lotions sitting on my skin drives me crazy! So I was more than pleasantly surprised (shocked, even?) when I tried this body cream and found it absorb so quickly into my skin. No greasy layer of cream sitting on my skin; just rich hydration that sunk in quickly and left me with a beautiful scent of orange and pine. I fell in love immediately, and when paired with the Vanilla Pine Body Oil, I am officially ready to take on my day. The scent is a combination of subtle citrus with a hint of earthy pine; it's actually a delicate scent that I love, and it lasts all day. No need for perfume, body sprays, or additional fragrances. Did I mention it's extremely hydrating without being greasy? Because it is

Full Moon Mineral Face Mask (Dry Skin) 

Having combination skin, my complexion can be finicky and most clay masks simply leave my skin feeling dry and tight. The Full Moon mask from I Dream In Evergreen was unlike any clay mask I've ever tried. It has a cream consistency, and goes on smooth with a nice cooling effect, but washes off so easily and leaves my skin feeling incredibly soft without that tight, uncomfortable feeling you can experience with most clay masks. 

Crescent Moon Organic Face Cream (Normal Skin) 

It's rare that I find a moisturizer for my skin that works long-term; often, I end up trying new ones after my existing one ceases to be effective. When I stumbled across the Crescent Moon Organic Face Cream, I was immediately drawn to its use of Jasmine oil (which helps alleviate dry skin) and Ylang Ylang oil (which helps to control oil); it seemed like the perfect solution to my combination skin, and though the Cream is geared towards normal skin types, it has absolutely worked wonders for my skin. It hydrates, moisturizes, and leaves a matte finish while working beautifully under concealer. It's a truly all-in-one facial cream that alleviates all of the frustrations I have with my skin while being natural and filled with awesome ingredients. 

To get your hands on your own I Dream In Evergreen products, check out the online shop and follow their adventures on Instagram

~All imagery in this post courtesy of yours truly (me)

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