Here's What You Need to Know About Diffusers

Let's take a moment to breathe deeply, exhale negativity and inhale the essential oils. 

If you're like everyone else I know, there's a strong likelihood you've heard at least one person tout the benefits of utilizing essential oils as part of both natural wellness and beauty regimens. Whether it's an oil-infused body scrub or a natural mouth rinse guaranteed to ward off plaque, essential oils are everywhere, but the one accessory you could actually put to good use in your home is often left as an afterthought. 

I'm talkin' diffusers. 

What are they?

Diffusers are small to medium-sized mechanisms which distribute essential oils into the air. Put simply, diffusers work by breaking down the essential oils you add to them into micro molecules and will then disperse them into the air. With this method, you can inhale (breath in) the benefits of your favorite essential oils or blends without having to directly inhale or apply them to your body. 

Why would you use one?

There are a number of reasons for using diffusers in your home or personal/professional space; chief among them are assistance with sleep and relaxation, increased focus or concentration, and mood elevation. Different essential oils achieve different results, however, a diffuser can be a simple yet stylish way of implementing essential oil therapy into your daily routine. 

Are they cost-effective?

Depending on the type or style of diffuser you purchase, you may be looking at a cost of anywhere between $50-$80 and above. The price point of various diffusers can depend on their material, functions and, of course, the brand that sells them. However, most diffusers have long "shelf lives" and can be used either frequently (such as every day) or semi-regularly. 

What can I put in a diffuser?

The only products you should be adding to your diffuser are water and your preferred essential oils. You can add blends of essential oils, as well, but most diffusers will require that you add water in order to help break down the oil molecules and disperse the essential oils into the air as a mist. 

  The Sonoma Yi Ultrasonic Diffuser from Utuma Spice -   buy it here

The Sonoma Yi Ultrasonic Diffuser from Utuma Spice - buy it here

How do I use a diffuser?

For the most part, using a diffuser can be as simple as adding water, a few drops of your favorite essential oil, and turning your diffuser on. Every diffuser will differ, however, so it's important to read the use and care instructions of the particular diffuser you purchase. Overall, some of the most popular oils used in diffusers are Lavender, Peppermint, Grapefruit, Lemon, and Frankincense. The oils you use will depend entirely on the results you are looking for from essential oil therapy. 

What type of diffuser is best? 

The key thing to know when choosing a diffuser is to understand the different functions of different kinds. Generally, there are four kinds of diffusers with various functions:

  • Nebulizing Diffusers - these diffusers do not require heat, air or water; instead, they work by pushing the essential oils up through a tube using pressurized air. This pressure creates a sort of "vacuum" which helps disperse the oils into the air
  • Ultrasonic or Humidifying Diffusers - these diffusers utilize ultrasonic vibrations to break up oil molecules for easy dispersion into the air, and require water
  • Evaporative Diffusers - these diffusers are quite simple; as the essential oil evaporates, it is released into the air as it turns from liquid to gas
  • Heat Diffusers - as the name suggests, these diffusers utilize heat (typically a candle) to heat the essential oils in order to disperse them into the air


So, which one would you use?

Out of all of the diffusers I have tried and tested, I prefer Ultrasonic diffusers for their humidifying properties; they also typically allow for controlled dispersion, which works perfectly if you'd like to control the intermittent dispersion of oils into your space!  

What brand do you recommend?

Recently, I was given the opportunity to try the Sonoma Yi Ultrasonic Diffuser from Utuma Spice, a Bali-based natural wellness company which offers products made with 100% natural ingredients. This particular diffuser is made using an all natural, genuine wood base and pure-white ceramic top, which gives it a subtly sleek, minimalist look perfect for perching on the shelves in my home office. Paired with their natural essential oils, I can completely control the misting time of my diffuser or utilize them as part of the diffuser's humidifying function. As a bonus feature, the Sonoma Yi Diffuser can also function as an LED lamp!

What I love about the Sonoma Yi diffuser is its ease-of-use and sleek look. Whether in my office, living room, kitchen or lounge spaces, this diffuser has made incorporating essential oil therapy into my everyday life a complete breeze.  

What essential oils do you recommend?

Though everyone's preferences differ, I personally love uplifting oils like Lemon, Orange, or Mint. Utuma Spice's essential oils are particularly great in this diffuser because they are subtle and completely natural, which means the pure essential oils or blends you use from Utuma Spice are safe to disperse into the air and thus safe to inhale. I have even taken to adding their Mint essential oil into my fabric softener for an added kick to my laundry routine! With their pure essential oils, you will only require a few drops for maximum efficacy. Utuma Spice also has essential oil blends, in the event you want to try something new ;) I have also tried their Clove, Fennell, and Citronella pure essential oils, and all three have been a godsend during the early Summer season, naturally keeping bugs at bay while creating a therapeutic atmosphere. 

We started small and we like it that way. We adhere to the Balinese cultural concept of Tri Hita Karana, which commits us to respecting and working harmoniously with humanity, nature and the divine. As a business we understand the importance of the individual to maintain the health of the global village, so we strive to lower our impact on the environment. We do extensive research to support the local natural resource base and to enhance local farming skills in such areas as organic farming, bee farming and seaweed farming. These farming communities produce the raw materials for our products. If you wouldn’t cook with it, you shouldn’t put it on your body.
— Utuma Spice

Why Utuma Spice?

If you've ever read my blog, then you're likely familiar with my commitment to utilizing natural, sustainable wellness and beauty items, which means I am always excited to discover new brands like Utuma Spice which are doing their part to provide people with more natural, green options. But more than that, I was taken by Utuma Spice's unique use of ancient Balinese herbal knowledge in the formulation of their products; by incorporating the traditions and knowledge of their culture into their production process, we can try new products which are conscious of their impact and our bodies.  

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