The Green Essentials Part 2: Wilderness Soap Co.

When I first began searching for natural beauty brands, one, in particular, stood out to me, not only because it's Canadian - something I'm proud to support as a Canadian myself - but because of its commitment to using safe, green ingredients. That brand is called Wilderness Soap Co., based in Collingwood, Ontario. You could say this brand feels close to my heart because I grew up in Collingwood, spending every summer at our family's cottage there; my brother also happened to have been born there, and for us, the whimsical and passionate products from this brand allow us to experience that childhood nostalgia of Summers spent splashing in the lake and baking in the sun until our skin turned a deep, golden hue. 

I came across Wilderness Soap Co. in 2015 when I was trolling Etsy for a natural soap brand. I've come to rely on Etsy - a digital marketplace for brands and independent makers - for its vast array of natural beauty brands which offer products actually made with safe and eco-friendly ingredients. The moment I saw Wilderness Soap Co's listings for soap and body scrubs, I jumped at the chance to try a Canadian brand's natural skincare products. 

And of course, I was totally impressed. 

Fortunately for me (and others in my area), a local trading company stocks items from Wilderness Soap Co., which means I can easily pick up some of the beauty essentials native to my skincare regimen. They're Activated Charcoal Cleansing Grains, for example, are an integral part of my morning cleansing routine, and help keep my skin looking and feeling clean and dirt-free. I've gifted many a soap and bath soak from the brand to friends and family, all of whom end up falling in love with the small ingredient lists and natural products they can use to pamper and care for themselves consciously. It doesn't hurt, either, that the brand strives to utilize recycled material for its packaging and shipping purposes. 

The Java ScrubWilderness Soap Co's coffee body scrub, is one of my favorites; it's crafted using coconut oil and citrus peel oil for a skin-softening scrub that smells absolutely amazing in the shower and leaves your skin feeling smooth and moisturized. Often with coffee scrubs, I leave the shower feeling as though I have a film of oil and butter on my skin, but the Java Scrub rinses away nicely and simply leaves you feeling soft and wonderfully scented. 

Having conversed with the brand's owner on many occasions, the passion for and love of natural beauty is obvious when it comes to crafting green skin and body care. Often, we'll reach for those widely-popular brands like LUSH for our bath bombs and body lotions, thinking we're getting a 100% vegan and eco-friendly item, when in reality, these products are filled with artificial fragrances and perfumes, in addition to harsh preservatives and palm derivatives. If you're looking for an alternative to those not-so-green brands who market themselves as such (but who couldn't be farther from it), I recommend giving Wilderness Soap Co's products a try. They offer a wide range of natural items; from soaps and bath bombs to body lotions, scrubs, and cleansers. And, if you happen to be a Canadian on the lookout for a Canadian-made brand of natural beauty, you haven't any need to look further. 

Wilderness Soap Co. offers palm-free soaps made with nourishing ingredients such as olive and coconut oil, in addition to hydrating butters (like shea) and natural fragrances. I often include their soaps as stocking stuffers or add-ins to birthday and Christmas gifts, regularly buying a few for myself and keeping them in the fridge to have natural soaps on hand when I need them. What you may appreciate most about Wilderness Soap Co. is that their natural, green beauty products actually work, and take away any excuse you could have to not implement natural items into your everyday skincare routine. 

A few of my favorite products from Wilderness Soap Co. are: Activated Charcoal Cleansing Grains, Java Scrub, Vanilla Vetiver Whipped Butter, and The Grit Soap Bar. 

Get your hands on your own Wilderness Soap Co. products here or here

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