The Green Essentials Part 1: Fat and the Moon

I'm often asked by friends, family and the odd reader or two what brands or companies I'd recommend if they're looking to "go green" and give natural beauty a chance. And while I'm totally okay lending a tidbit of advice every once and a while to a friend in need, The Green Essentials will be a great resource for readers seeking natural alternatives to those artificial, often not-so-green brands of skincare and beauty we use so often with seldom a thought as to their ingredients and impact. 

The brand I recommend most to friends and family is US-based brand, Fat and the Moon. I first discovered this brand about a year ago after my friends over at Selva Beat Magazine introduced me to it, and ever since that fateful "meeting," my bathroom drawers have been loyally stocked with Fat and the Moon products made using green, natural and good-for-you ingredients. It's almost as though I've got my own little apothecary going on, but for beauty. Weird, huh?

It all started with their All Salve which is, by the way, a staple item in my household. My mother and I both use this stuff with wild abandon on cracked hands and feet, chapped lips, rough name it. All Salve was the first-ever FATM product I tried and I instantly fell in love with its small ingredient list, travel-friendly packaging, and uber-effectiveness on dry skin and other conundrums. Following that purchase, I decided to give the Aloe Lotion, Mermaid Mask, Masa & Olive Face Paste, Olive & Clay Shave Cream and Anise & Clove Tooth Soap a try. 

By far my most coveted product from FATM is their Anise & Clove Tooth Soap, which has not only whitened my teeth and improved my gum health but has also kept my breath fresh and my mouth feeling fine since 2015. Though my dental hygiene has always been stellar (I loathe the dentist and so do everything in my power to have healthy enough teeth and gums to avoid him!), I do believe this Soap has helped maintain my high level of dental health. The other benefits of this Soap include a limited ingredient list and travel-friendly size, along with it being an awesome alternative to conventional kinds of toothpaste loaded with chemicals and synthetics.

The Mermaid Mask, which has become my go-to face mask whenever my complexion begins to look dull, fatigued and in need of a little TLC, is on my list of products I recommend to friends looking for a new mask to overhaul their skin. I swear by it, along with their Pimple Mud, because I've seen amazing results from both and continue to see my skin improve, whereas most conventional masks cease to be effective for me after five or six uses. The combination of lavender, aloe vera and rhassoul clay in the mask is what I believe make it so effective, especially for finicky skin which may break out due to stress, lack of sleep, late get the picture. Throw in the Pimple Mud as an occasional spot treatment when you need it, and you're golden. I've had to start hiding my jar of Pimple Mud now because friends and family members seek it out whenever they stay over and can't seem to get enough of it. But I can't say I blame them!

The brand, which looks and sounds quirky, thanks to its whimsical (and witchy?) branding and provocative name, provides a roster of beauty items handcrafted in the USA by Rachel Budde who herself comes from a line of healers and herbalists. Every item from Fat and the Moon features small ingredient lists boasting a range of natural oils, butters, fats, and clays (among others) that heal and nourish your skin without the use of chemicals, synthetics, dyes, artificial additives, preservatives, etc. What you'll love about this brand is how they prove wrong the assumption that green, natural beauty can't be as effective as the artificial stuff. Trust me, it is. 

But that doesn't mean I love every product. As with any brand, the likelihood of you enjoying every item they offer or experiencing stellar results with all of their products, is slim. Take, for example, the Sensitive Pit Cream. While most of Fat and the Moon's stuff works wonders for me, the Pit Cream is a no-go; mostly because I sweat a lot and find its odor control capabilities lacking. The Lavender & Cocoa Dry Shampoo, Olive & Clay Shave Creamand Masa & Olive Face Paste don't work for me either, and I've given those purchases to friends looking to try something new for themselves. None of that means the products suck! It simply means they don't work for me, and I discovered this by trying them - something I encourage anyone to do when considering moving to natural, green beauty. 

The items I do adore can be seen throughout the photos in this post. I will say that, when it comes to natural beauty, brands like Fat and the Moon have yet to formulate an approach to it that doesn't involve using non-vegan ingredients like honey or beeswax. But they're certainly on the right path, and it's important to remember that "natural" beauty doesn't always mean "vegan." You'll find, for example, that many Fat and the Moon products contain beeswax, honey powder, etc. which may pose issues for you if you're vegan. But don't let this deter you; the brand offers a vast array of items that are vegan-friendly as well, making it an awesome brand to start out with when you embark on your own journey towards natural beauty. 

~All imagery in this post courtesy of yours truly (me)