Hey, I'm Jacalyn

I'm a freelance content creator and copywriter with a passion for cool brands and explorative adventure. I work alongside brands and publications to create beautiful content that showcases their unique voice and ethos. I live in the hipster-friendly city of Hamilton, Ontario.

My adventure into content creation began several years ago when I decided to pair my love for writing with my passion for slow-living and exploration. Since then, I have had the wonderful fortune of contributing to various print and digital publications, such as Thoughtfully Magazine, Selva Beat Magazine, Chickpea Magazine, Hipcamp, The Outbound Collective, Women Who Explore, Wise+Well, Earth Island Journal, Rucksack Magazine, and many more. 

I've always believed that the creative content we read in magazines, on digital platforms, and other brand websites goes beyond the simple words on a page. I truly believe the content that brands, businesses, and publications put out into the universe should reflect the passion and creativity behind them. After all, you've worked hard to get your brand or platform to where it is today. The quality of its content or copy should emulate that passion, its unique voice, and the vision that's behind everything you do. 

What I do

When I'm not busy contributing content and words to lifestyle and adventure publications, I work with brands ranging from digital platforms and print publications to lifestyle brands, creatives, and individuals in service-related industries to create beautifully compelling content for their marketing needs that is anything but ordinary. The goal behind my work? To help brands break out of the confines of commonplace content to show the world the true beauty and passion behind their brand. 

If you're ready to dive in and improve your brand through unique content design, I'm your gal. Isn't it time your brand got inspired by better content?


I'm also...

The Founder + Editor-in-Chief of Out of Wilderness Magazine. My love for the great outdoors and its conservation inspired me to create OOW and, in 2016, the magazine was born. If you are interested in collaborating with OOW, please feel free to contact us through the magazine's website.

Proud member of EWC // SEJ // ILCW // ALECC