Sustainabus is an eco-conscious tiny home project created by Erik and Michael; two laid-back dudes refurbishing a 2001 Bluebird School Bus into a tiny home on wheels with dreams of touring from Alaska to Argentina. With a focus on sustainability and environmentally-friendly materials, I had the opportunity to hang out with the team and capture their sass, class, and bad-ass project.

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Stratford was a leisure project for my cousin (Nicole) and I. Our stay included a 19th century farm house, chickens that sounded suspiciously as though they were laughing at us, and a jog or two through dried soybean fields. All photos were taken on the 20 acre property of the beautiful farmhouse, with a backdrop of forest, trees, fields, and setting sun. All in Stratford, Ontario.

Cottage Country

Family and friends were stoked to have a few pictures captured by the water and at this beautiful family cottage, with stunning sun sets and even batter tanning weather.


What began as a weekend "staycation" adventure for my travel buddy (cousin Nicole!) and I, turned into a weekend filled with good wine, delicious pizza (seriously, still dreaming about it) and a few shots to document our time spent in the Madoc and Prince Edward County regions of Ontario.


Mono, Ontario is a beautiful farm-land oasis near the trendy town of Collingwood. Nicole and I took a gal's trip to a beautiful 20th century carriage house, where we sipped on wine from the Adamo estate, ate house-cured prusciutto, and roamed the trails around this stunning property; complete with a blue-clay lake and water-side cabin.