Hey, there!

Kitsilano Beach (Vancouver)

I'm Jacalyn, a freelance writer, part-time content creator, and full-time Creative Director based in the hipster-friendly city of Hamilton, ON (Canada). I like mint chocolate ice cream, hiking in the rain, and talking to animals like they're small children. Yeah, I'm one of those people.

But I also enjoy a good adventure and a bit of travel. That's because I believe in taking risks, having eye-opening experiences, and doing one thing everyday that scares you. Or just chillin' the heck out with a cup of coffee or a glass of craft beer. That does the trick, too. 

What do i do

Aside from binge watch crime documentaries on Netflix, you mean?

In my creative role, I can typically be found establishing the visual identity + setting creative standards for brands and leading creative output across a range of niches and industries. I’m often responsible for curating unique brand + marketing strategies and targeted collateral for clients and startups

I work to unearth insights about audiences using intuitive approaches to help brands better understand their customers while discovering the motivation behind an audience’s actions. My goal? Create + nurture creative solutions to common marketing woes. .

The result? Unearthing insights about audiences and their attitudes, knowledge, interests, preferences, or behaviours, in addition to their unmet needs, in order to create unique content that’s more than just original - it’s productive, goal-driven, and meant for your audience. This includes:

  • Content Curation, Production & Management

  • Social Media Management + Growth

  • Blog + Content Management

  • Editorial Planning & Management

  • Web & Print Copywriting

  • Creative Collaboration + Influencer Management

Where can i be found

When indoors, you can typically find me by the beer. Kidding (sorta). Usually by the coffee pot, my desk, or my bookshelf, where I like to collect classic literature and sometimes even read it. In between client projects and magazine deadlines, I love heading outdoors and exploring my city's limits and beyond. I'm a sucker for a last-minute road trip, rainy weekends in yurts, camping in the middle of a field...you name it and, if it's outdoors, I'm game. 

Oh, I can also be found on Instagram and Unsplash, where you can follow along on my adventures and download my photography for free.

Interested in working with me?

From editorial content and marketing collateral to copywriting and creative strategy solutions, I'm pretty proud to say that I love what I do and do what I love. If you'd like to work with me, please feel free to get in touch.