Perfect Travel Beauty Picks for the Adventurous Woman

This Summer has involved quite a bit of traveling and outdoor adventure for me. In fact, I'd go so far as to say that much of my time since April has been spent traveling and being outdoors. And while I love a good road trip, cottage vacation, and exploring a new province or two, I've noticed my packing habits have very much affected how I travel and experience new places. 

Mainly, I've taken to packing far less and focusing on only the essentials far more. 

I try to keep my everyday beauty and wellness routine as clean as possible, which often means focusing on natural skincare. When I travel, I scale down my skincare routine to include only the most essential products I know I'll need or use on a daily basis, and because most of these products end up being travel-friendly, it's a win-win (and gives me the incentive I need to avoid over-packing). 

See, I knew I had a problem with overpacking when I visited my friend in British Columbia in 2016; I packed far too many clothes but, more than that, the number of beauty items I brought with me bordered on obnoxious. No, scratch that; it was totally obnoxious. I hardly used half of what I had brought with me, and my friend had no issue poking fun at me for it. Because I don't wear makeup, skincare has been a prime focus in my life, but having two toiletry bags filled with skincare items was ridiculous.

If you're looking to scale back your beauty item inventory while traveling and would like to focus more on the essentials as opposed to, say, overpacking and literally bogging yourself down with unnecessary products, you may find my list of travel picks perfect for your next trip. These are all travel-friendly and many can be used while camping, hiking, or spending time outdoors (which is typically how I end up spending most of my travels). 

Tamanu + Wild Citrus Oil Cleanser 

Oil cleansers, for me, are a simple alternative to chemical-laden facial washes and are often safer to use when camping than soap-based facial washes. Though there really isn't any soap that is 100% safe to use in, say, a lake, this oil-based cleanser has a limited ingredient list and gives my skin a deep clean without stripping it of its natural moisture. If you're looking for a more natural facial wash, this oil-based cleanser will definitely do the trick. 

Resurrection Rinse-Free Hand Wash

I only recently began using a few products from Aesop after I ran out of body wash during my trip to BC in May; they had a flagship store literally two buildings down from my Airbnb in Gastown and I popped in to pick up a small bottle of their Geranium Leaf Body Cleanser. While there, I picked up a bottle of Aesop's Ressurection Rinse-Free Hand Wash, which proved to be a very handy hand-sanitizer (no pun intended) which I used while hiking, climbing, and other outdoor activities. It has a very fresh, earthy scent that is present yet subtle, and I picked up an extra bottle as a backup. 

Creme Fraiche - Neroli

It's been difficult to find a lightweight facial moisturizer which keeps my skin hydrated all day without causing a breakout or two, but I've found an answer to my moisturizer woes with French Girl's Creme Fraiche (Neroli). A little goes quite a long way, making their 1oz jar perfect for traveling, and I've found the cream keeps inflammation at bay without a greasy, oily feeling. It's brimming with skin-benefitting ingredients and is simple enough to bring with you on camping trips or any other type of travel. 

Vanilla Moon Body Oil

If you've yet to swap your body lotions for a body oil, I highly recommend giving this one a go and seeing for yourself how simple it is to moisturize your entire body with just a touch or two of oil. This vanilla-centric body oil from CAMP Skincare has a subtle vanilla scent that is perfect for us gals who avoid overpowering fragrances, and leaves the skin feeling incredibly smooth, hydrated, and ready to take on the day. I like to bring this with me on all of my travels to replace clunky body lotions that don't moisturize nearly as well. 

Starry Night Shampoo Bar

I know what you're thinking: a shampoo bar, really? But hear me out! If you have an oily scalp, your hair tends to become greasy easily, or you camp a lot and need an alternative to liquid shampoos, this could just be the shampoo for you. This shampoo bar is great for cleansing oily hair while conditioning it, and is awesome for all you girls out there who like to camp or live life by the lake and would like a kinder solution to chemical-laden shampoos. You can read more about this shampoo and how to use it over on Terumah

Anise & Clove Tooth Paste

Look, if there's one thing you can ditch right now that isn't doing you any favors, it's your Crest toothpaste. The Anise & Clove cleanser from Fat and the Moon works just as well, if not better, at thoroughly cleaning your teeth while killing nasty bacteria. The best part? It's made with only 5 (all natural) ingredients, travels well, and is kind on the environment. 

Good Genes

This one may not get a round of applause from everyone on the "natural beauty" front, but it's the only effective serum I've yet to find which actually delivers real results. The price tag is high, and the ingredient list is not totally natural, but for those days when your skin desperately needs a pick-me-up, I swear by this stuff. I bring it with me when I travel (especially for longer trips or lengthy flights) and have found it does exactly what it claims: it plumps, diminishes fine lines, and gives my skin an overall more dewy look and feel. I would say the next best thing that delivers similar results and is 100% natural would be URB Apothecary's Pricky Pear Face Elixir (which is totally bomb and should be part of your beauty stash, anyway). 

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